The Wicked Hunt 2019 Photobook

Crossing Morocco’s Sahara desert by camel, hot air ballooning across the captivating fairy chimneys of Turkey’s Cappadocia, sailing through Indonesia’s thousands of islands, exploring more than 40,000 kilometres across Australia in a 4WD and chasing the stars in Canada’s extreme sub-zero temperatures.


Travelling is the vehicle by which we can all experience what it is to live multiple lives within the one we are given. My passion is to seek out the experiences beyond those which are given to each of us and bring them to you. I seek these out in every corner of the world, near and far, accessible or otherwise.


Hi! I’m  am Stanley, a wanderer, an adventurer and a photographer.


It’s always been my dream to be able to travel the world….. Ok I lied. There was a time where all I wanted was a big house, nice cars and branded gadgets. 

Travelling and documenting hasn’t always been my way of life. In fact, it’s been less than 7 years ago since a bad break-up which sent me looking for an escape.


A few long weekend trips to Bali slowly evolved to a 2-week snowboarding trip to New Zealand and then a 5 week trip across Europe. Before I knew it, I was holding my resignation letter, standing outside my manager’s office. 

I found myself walking away from a great job with a good salary to take a leap of faith into the unknown. To pursue something bigger, my passion for travelling and photography. 


I’d come to realise that having a stable income was comfortable and perfectly fine but I wanted more than a “good enough” life. It struck me that a great life was to run towards the world out there rather than let life run away from me. 


I wanted to travel not to simply tick countries off a list but to experience what the world has to offer. Hiking to visit stunning lakes with glass-like reflections, embracing the chill of sub-zero temperatures while enjoying the northern lights, diving into crystal clear waters to swim with majestic whale sharks and using my photography as a medium to capture these moments and share them with the world.


It’s not glamorous and it hasn’t been smooth sailing. I often face criticism or have my own doubts about whether I made the right decision leaving the life I had behind. I regularly consider whether I should return. However, there will be moments where I’m standing in the middle of nowhere, just me and my camera, staring up at a clear sky overwhelmed by the stars and I’m reminded why I left it all behind and that I’m exactly where I’m meant to be. 


After a year of capturing unique memories, I started the painstaking job of converting my passion into a sustainable lifestyle. 


This is where you all come in. Just in time for Christmas, I am launching a series of photography products to continue my goal of capturing and sharing the impressive beauty in the world with those that want the chance to experience these locations for themselves.


It took me a long time to find a manufacturer who can provide a book with the quality needed to do these images and these locations they represent, justice. They are not the cheapest, but they are what is needed to bring these pictures to life into the world has before I make it stand still. 


These books will look stunning in your home or office and are something you can be proud to own and share. Something that will look beautiful on your coffee table or in your hand as you plan your own adventure. I know that getting there yourself can be challenging where time and  money are concerned. So let me take you on the wicked hunt with this series of photo books. 


Let these be the start of your collection as you join me in collecting your life! 


If this is something that resonates with you help me to spread the word, by sharing and inspiring your friends and family. 


By purchasing these books you will help me to achieve my main goal, which is to share these moments with as many people as possible. At the same time you will help me to raise the fund that is needed to get these books distributed to reach more people. Lastly you’ll help to keep me going and take you on the wicked hunt. 


Let these be the start of your collection as you join me in collecting your life as part of the wicked hunt!

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Indonesia – Java, Bali, Lombok and Flores Archipelago

7 days before my last day I had my bag packed, 3 hours after I stepped out of the refinery for one last time I was catching a flight to Jakarta. When I left my goal was to explore one place deeper, instead of ticking through countries and I want to experience a deeper connection to the country.

I spent 2 months driving from the Capital city of Jakarta to East Java, cross the water to Bali and Lombok. This photobook will capture the beautiful tropic landscapes during my trip from Jakarta to Lombok as well as from my previous trip in Flores Archipelago. During this time we explore volcanos, paddy fields, beautiful pristine waters and much more.

Australia – 40,000 km in 4 months Around Australia

When I got back to Perth, I quickly plan for my trip around Australia Continent. Starting in Perth, Western Australia, we drove on my trusted Mitsubishi Triton towards North. We explore many different spots along the west coast, from the desert, beautiful orange cliffs, white sands beaches, narrow gorges and I even got the opportunity to swim with the whale sharks. It took us about a month to explore Western Australia.

Then we continued to Northern Territory visiting the two national parks, Leitchfield national park and kakadu national park. Then I cross my way to Queensland where I drove thousands of km on corrugated gravel roads, passing through countless river crossing to reach the northern most part of Australia.

From there we continue south towards Tasmania while we stop along the way. Some of the most memorable stops are Diving in Yongala ship wreck, sailing in whitsunday, exploring the great ocean roads and much more. From Tasmania we drove to the Red Center, where the most iconic rock is located, Uluru. We spent days exploring the canyons and the famous landscapes on a 50 deg C weather.

From there I drove 24 hours straight to go back to Perth passing through the Outback way (a shortcut road that were historically used to cross from North of Queensland to Western Australia).

Canada – Vancouver, Yellowknife and Canadian Rockies

In January 2019 I started my journey in Canada. We flew across the world to chase the snow and the Northern Lights. We arrived in Vancouver and spent time exploring the city and the surroundings. From there we flew to Yellowknife where we experience an extreme change of weather. From 40 deg C summer in Perth to -53 deg C cold winter in Yellowknife. We spent 10 days where we were blessed with Aurora Borealis dancing in the sky for every single night we were there.

In April, I moved to Lake Louise in the heart of Canadian Rockies. Since then I’ve been exploring countless hiking trails, lakes and mountains to fully experience the beautiful Canadian Rockies.

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