December 21, 2020

Ep 15 – Emeric’s Story Behind 9 years of Timelapse photography

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The Art of Photography
The Art of Photography
Ep 15 - Emeric’s Story Behind 9 years of Timelapse photography

Hey Wicked Hunters, 

Welcome back to another episode The Art of Photography Podcast. Today you’ll here conversation I had with Emeric behind 9 years of his journey as a timelapse photographer. He shared how he got started and fell in love with timelapse photography, but most of all how managed to get to where he is right now working with world’s leading brand within 7 years doing it professionally. 

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Emeric Time Lapse  0:00  
And at some point, the sun shining through the clouds and, you know, lit up the entire skyline. But since you know we’re facing east, you can see the sunset in the buildings. So it’s a pretty interesting concept. And then, few minutes later the clouds starting to turn pink. I was like, oh my god, it’s like perfect timing so,

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  0:33  
you know, this podcast if you already been tuning in, you know, it’s it’s, it’s more about how we share our passion as photographers and creatives. And in this podcast as someone very excited to introduce to you very different in terms of photography world. So I actually met him or come across his profile in social media, and about his score. So I’m excited to go through that. But it’s Emmerich and he is a master of time lapse photography. Hamrick. How’re you doing?

Emeric Time Lapse  1:10  
He’s totally doing great. What about you?

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  1:12  
Yeah, not too bad. Not too bad. Just, I mean, I’m so happy to have you here today. having me? Yeah, I’m so glad to have you on board. I mean, you know, I just met you. Well, just first time I talked to you, I suppose. That’s what I was trying to say. I just hit you up, Instagram and you reply, and then you say, yeah, so I was really,

Emeric Time Lapse  1:35  
the first time we talked was like, five days ago, right? Like this. And you asked me for the podcast. I was like, yeah, it’s exciting. That’s awesome.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  1:46  
I mean, like, you know, it’s, I guess that’s the cool thing about the social media nowadays, you get to meet new people that you know, in the other side of the world, so that’s perfectly what you’ve been up to a house. You know, how’s 2020 been for you?

Emeric Time Lapse  2:04  
It’s been pretty hectic. I have to say. No, yeah, I was actually living in Atlanta at the being of the year. So my story is kind of crazy. But I’m going to try to, you know, not talk for too long. So I was living in LA for seven years. At the end of 2018. I moved to Atlanta. And for a year 2018 2020, I was living in Atlanta, I just hated it. I was I was missing LA. I was like, I’d like to another great time. At the end of 20, I moved back to LA. And it was a you know, another big trip where I had to move all my furniture from coast to coast. Drive for 30 hours alone. It was a pretty pretty long, but um, anyway, yeah, I’m back here in LA. And even was the situation right now. I’m pretty happy to be back. Yeah, finally settling. That’s fine. I’m pregnant, as you can see.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  3:03  
Yeah, it looks it looks good. That’s, that’s awesome to hear. I’m glad you you know, it’s I think it’s always good to be able to find your happy place. And I heard that you got your visa as a top notch photographer. So Congratulation. Thank you. Appreciate that. So So tell us a bit more about your background, like you say that you are living in Atlanta, and then you can move to Los Angeles, but where you actually from and you know, what makes you come to America or you know, to settle in Los Angeles? And what makes Los Angeles. So your your happy place basically?

Emeric Time Lapse  3:42  
That’s a good question. So I’m actually from France. So I was born in France. But for say, I took both languages. And so until I was 21, I was living in a medium town called Andre in France. It’s like ours from Paris. And I went actually went to college in France to and shortly after. graduating, I actually always wanted to come to America for some reason, like the American dream, what you see in the movies, it’s big. It’s like you can make money, so many opportunities, all this and I wanted to try it out. Just wanted to see only come here, I didn’t know where exactly. At first, I really I was a big fan of New York. And then LA was kind of the back of my mind as well. So shortly after college, I was sending emails to companies. I was finding on Craigslist. It was like, Okay, I do video editing. I’m gonna go to Craigslist and try to see if I can find companies offering you know, internship or maybe small jobs, to see if they agree to work with. And actually one company accepted, you know, to to work with me. So I worked a little bit for them in France and they say okay, Come here for a few months. So I came to LA actually near La was a j one visa. So it was this student visa for people who just graduated. So it was for like, you know, experience the professional work in the US. The experience, I think also it’s called anyway, so I started now like this just as an intern in video editing. And then you know, I climb the ladder, we can say this started from the bottom now we’re here. And year after year, year after year, I got like new visa. And like recently, I have an O one visa, which is a visa for artists people for people talented in, in their field. That’s how they call it. So it’s people in the film industry photography. Even like athletes, all of this, it’s pretty wide, but it’s people who are pretty good in what they’re doing. So I was pretty happy to get my own visa for video editing and time lapse photography. This year, they added the time lapse photographer title in the visa, so I got pretty excited. Finally. So yeah, I was living in LA, I started I moved from France to Los Angeles in 2013. I lived in LA for seven years until 2019, which is six, six and a half years. And I was coming titled la so last year I moved to Atlanta on the East Coast. And I was actually sorry, I talk a lot. I was supposed to move to New York. So I drove between LA and New York. I didn’t want to move to New York. So I moved to Atlanta because I’d love to it was cheaper. I could keep my car and you know, I want to try it. It’s kind of centralised. There is Miami Chicago not too far. So I tried to plan it out for a year just didn’t like it decided to come back. Because I feel comfortable in LA you know, I feel like I have some I have a bigger network. I have people around. The weather is nice. I know the city really well. You know, I’m someone who is kind of love anxiety sometimes. So if I feel comfortable in a CD, I feel like it’s gonna help a lot.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  7:16  
Yeah, for sure.

Emeric Time Lapse  7:18  
Finding in Atlanta Title I was every time I was going out and especially because you know, you have like expensive gear. So I need to know the area I need to feel comfortable in place where I’m shooting or it’s just not going to work.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  7:33  
You could argue LA is not the safest as hell.

Emeric Time Lapse  7:36  
I know the area to avoid areas not to go that’s why I should allow from Griffith Park Santa Monica some area in downtown where you’re fine. And there’s also most people I know more people in LA photographers, we need to go shoot with me so

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  7:54  
it’s I actually used to live in LA. That really Yeah, I live in in Korea, Thailand, and I went to Mark Twain Middle School right in Venice Beach. I used to skip school all the time to skate in Venice Beach. I love that place. But you watch this or hear this stay in school, right? Yeah, I love LA actually, I’ve been I’ve been meaning to come out. I was gonna come back this year. I was gonna go storm chasing in this storm alley or something like that. And then yeah, I was gonna make it east coast. But then this can

Emeric Time Lapse  8:30  
the tornado Valley. Yeah, that’s, that’s my that’s my bucket list. That’s definitely my list,

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  8:36  
man. It’s, it’s amazing. They’re cool. Like, um, yeah, thanks for sharing that. For those listeners who kind of like, don’t know what time lapse photography is. You’re like, well, I guess time lapse and Hyperlapse gets theirs to to kind of like intertwined. If you want to like, tell us a little bit more about what it is?

Emeric Time Lapse  8:57  
Sure. Yeah, it’s pretty remote. I’m always having a hard time answering this question. But the time zone Hyperlapse is a time lapse that moves in space. So that’s pretty simple. A time lapse is a time lapse or Hyperlapse is a time lapse that moves. So time lapse is it’s a sequence of images that you’re going to take with a specific interval. And then when you put all these images to regular, you know, format video format, like 2430 frames per second is going to make your scene look like everything is going faster than real time. So this time that you know time lapses you know, how do you explain that it’s it’s like you take a two hour video and if you speed up this video to five minutes, for example, everything’s gonna look faster, but to grid better time lapse, cheaper price, better quality, we take a sequence of images with a specific interval and then we have like programmes to like kind of create the video from the image sequence And yeah, I think it’s amazing to see day to night transition in like 20 seconds. The clouds floating above a city skyline or landscape or changing like traffic is so many awesome subject for time lapse photography, which makes it really exciting. It’s a very different than still photography, because you need to think how is how’s your scene gonna look like in 1020 minutes or maybe two hours? Is it worth shooting a time lapse of this? Do you have like constant motion and Zimbra thing moving? Is it a good subject for time now Salafi?

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  10:39  
Yeah, is that in the hyperlapse? Sorry, yeah, keep going.

Emeric Time Lapse  10:44  
And Hyperlapse is a time lapse. But between every time you take a picture, you can move the tripod a little bit the camera a little bit, and it’s going to create, like a kind of 3d perspective around your subject. It’s pretty exciting.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  10:58  
So do you actually do Hyperlapse manually by moving your tripod.

Emeric Time Lapse  11:06  
So yeah, you have different way of doing Hyperlapse videos, you can do handheld, but you’re limited, you know, as your shutter speed. I always use a tripod. Yeah, so I do a tripod, I take a picture and move the tripod, maybe a foot or so. And then you aim the camera at your anchor point, you have to select an anchor point or the perspective is going to change if you move the camera. So if you use the guideline on your camera, you set an anchor point. And it’s pretty easy. We still have to stabilise the clip after but having the anchor point is very important to get something that looks real, you know,

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  11:40  
that’s crazy. Yeah, cuz like I know that. More people nowadays start using doing Hyperlapse using the gimbal. And connect this with emotion, time lapse on like you say a faster shutter speed. So, but to do it. I know like I’ve seen kind of tutorials on how to do that, man, it’s, it’s less, it’s a lot of effort to do that.

Emeric Time Lapse  12:03  
It is time consuming. For sure. Yeah, it takes a long time, especially if you do a tripod where you really have to move the tripod every time. So obviously, your interval is going to be longer than a regular time lapse because you need the time. But the effect you get at the end is amazing. Yeah, I should force myself more Hyperlapse videos, because it’s really cool.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  12:27  
That’s really cool. Yeah, this might be just what I need to push me to start doing Hyperlapse but so far, I haven’t had the patience to do it. Is that you cannot touch base a little bit on that. But tell us a little bit why why time lapse photography one why not just still photography, what makes you jump into that sort of genre.

Emeric Time Lapse  12:53  
The funny thing is, I started photography by shooting time lapse. Oh, like I never actually I’ve never ever shot still photography for fun. I really went straight from like doing some fun videos with my family and friends to time. That was photography. I didn’t do really still photography and I’m thinking I’m pretty bad at still photography. Yeah, I do sometimes do still photography for fun. But yeah, I went straight to time lapse. And I know that there’s something very special about time lapse photography, it’s mixing, first of all photography and video making, you know, there’s no other art form that mixes both video and photography, which is pretty exciting because you get a video from photos from pictures. So I really love the aspect of you know, mixing two different art forms into one. And I really just, I get super excited every time I come back home and and watch you know the products watch the time lapse live for the first time. Enter time lapse. Yeah, I think it’s it’s exciting. And it’s travelling to new places and staring at amazing views for hours. I’ve actually shut timelapses was still photographers. And obviously still photographers don’t like staying in one place for four hours. Like they take they take their pictures and like okay, I’m good. I’m done. Let’s go to the next locations. And like, I have only one time lapse like I can’t believe right now.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  14:29  
I got the second. Yeah, exactly. So

Emeric Time Lapse  14:33  
it’s a very different world than still photography. And yeah, I just I’m getting it’s exciting. I think it’s it’s like seeing the world turn in a way. Yeah.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  14:45  
I think one thing that really makes me excited about how much it’s just that transformation from one to another interesting thing. And I suppose like, you know, people can argue Oh, why not just take video right? Well A video is very difficult to see that transformation in such a long period so that you don’t actually see that much transformation. So, I really love that. Especially day to night. That’s something that I really been wanting to do. I can I try a little bit on that, but I want to do like a proper date and I what I’ve done is kind of just like from two hours. It’s quite incredible to see. And, look, I know how much commitment it takes to to to do this to make this short food he has hers right? How long does usually stay out there to have your time lapse like at a time

Emeric Time Lapse  15:44  
usually so what I’ve been doing a lot recently is like you just said I’m a big data nice fan. So like at a point where maybe like a few months back had to tell my son to force myself to shoot something else and I’m so like, Okay, I should always do tonight because it’s exciting. It’s challenging, you know, and yeah, like you say seeing the transition from day to night is exciting. So now when I go shoot my time lapses I just usually go a couple hours before sunset. I shoot a few few time lapses during the day a couple day tonight’s a few night shots. And if I feel like it I go to different spots but usually I don’t like going to different spots so I just go home. So yeah, really average is like three two flowers on location. As I’m travelling sometimes we can go way more than this because you know I have limited time in the city so I need to get the most out of it in a few days only so I can stay out for like seven hours and go different places different location in the city. It’s pretty exhausting. Yeah. But it’s exciting. Yeah, it’s exciting.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  16:56  
That’s insane, like four and a half hours at a time staying at one place. Well what do you do and you’re waiting.

Emeric Time Lapse  17:04  
So I should have identified manually so I have to keep an eye on my camera all the time. So it kind of keeps me busy. I know a lot of people have started shooting AV mud that’s when I could get better but I’m the manual guy I like shooting my stuff manually all the time. Otherwise it just to Instagram I shoot my blog I try to find a class or a free youtube tutorial two shoots just look at the view. Seriously, sometimes it’s just what I’m doing. And every time I regret not bringing a chair with me, I don’t have a chair I need to buy a chair. But every time I forget to buy a chair so I’m like standing for like four or five hours sometimes it’s it’s pretty exhausting, but I don’t know I have the passion around time lapse photography like that has been going for almost 10 years now and it’s not fading away so that’s pretty exciting.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  17:57  
So what what what was she like every time you know like like you say you know you get to a location you’re looking at this beautiful scenery, you don’t have a chair you have to stand you reset your camera for a time lapse and you start shooting everything else blogging, whatever you enjoy the scenery and then I’m sure after a while you’re like Okay, I think I had enough of this kind of like scenery you know, after you spend half an hour an hour on that, what puts you to go like the extra hour or you know the extra whatever time it takes for you to stay there to get that footage.

Emeric Time Lapse  18:33  
Sometimes I tell myself like I’m here, so just let’s just shoot it, you know, like it will be pointless to just come back later. I’m here let’s do it. I think I just don’t want to I don’t like wasting my time. So I feel like and also make money from the time lapse I’m like okay, that’s a good time lapse. If I if I feel like it’s worth it. I’m gonna force myself to stay a little longer and then just do it you know, even if it’s outside my comfort zone even if I’m tired like okay, I’m here I’m on vacation I can reset up let’s just shoot it or I’m going to regret it. I rather you know get a little more tired but not regret it later.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  19:13  
Yeah, I do I do get that I do get get that as like I really hate it when I go to a place and I realised I should have brought that particular lens. You know it’s slightly different context there. I know exactly what you mean. termsof rather have that extra effort and not regret it later.

Emeric Time Lapse  19:33  
Exactly. Yeah.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  19:34  
Do you have like a you have like a specific like song or like snack that you would bring? You’re like, Tom let’s

Emeric Time Lapse  19:43  
not even besides water actually I never bring anything with me for some reason. If I feel tired, I’m gonna get like, like an energy drink. But for some reason I don’t like eating on when I’m shooting. So I just besides water I don’t really have anything with me.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  20:00  
It’s crazy I remember this lunch I was doing like I’m like I was gonna shoot the sunset. And then because the cloud was like oh interesting and then the cloud was disgusting I was like well that’s perfect. And now it’s like you know what the Milky Way gonna rise there I can kind of be a good like you know, they didn’t like bacon I found that so I brought up like a stove and like I was kicking into noodles and everything because I just got bored that’s that’s crazy. Like that’s Yeah, that’s amazing to see that that much dedication I suppose we should

Emeric Time Lapse  20:37  
like to do is like you were talking about like food or whatever is something I really like is booking like hotels was like crazy views. So you can set up the camera by the window and do whatever you want. You can have a couple of beers you can go up at a restaurant for you know to eat you don’t care because the camera are protected they’re safe. So that’s why I like to do a lot when I go to a new city trying to find a hotel is a crazy view. I’ve been I’ve been doing this in San Francisco and Chicago New York yet but it’s a I love shooting from hotels because you can relax you know Yeah, just a camera watch TV enjoy a few beers go for food like and then the time lapse is doing it’s the camera is doing his job. So

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  21:23  
that’s awesome. Yeah, that’s that’s definitely good to add tips there. What sort of So what sort of gear that can be used to shoot unless you like bring like sliders and all that as well or mainly just a tripod and your camera.

Emeric Time Lapse  21:39  
So 90% of the time I should just use a regular tripod I do have all the gear for slider you know Pan and Tilt system but 90% of the time as just my cameras and couple of tripods. I have two cameras because sometimes you know there’s a beautiful sunset you want to shoot different part different like time lapses so I have two cameras sometimes two tripods and like some hiking I just take one camera and yeah, I have sliders. I have a drone as well to do some like Hyperlapse from the sky which is pretty amazing what you can do yeah, that’s pretty much it but I do have sliders I have actually served you know serve the brand.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  22:21  
No, not really.

Emeric Time Lapse  22:22  
That is why RP serve. They do like filmmaking and time lapse sliders Pan and Tilt system. So I’m a brand ambassador, they actually from New Zealand for it’s a new company based in New Zealand, and some brand ambassador, they send me some gear and I’m you know, I have to work with a do some review videos. So once in a while do should we sliders. It’s, it takes a while to set up. I think that’s why I don’t like it so much. But um, definitely get like a very nice, you know, one, two or three axis time lapse at the end. So it’s pretty exciting. But it takes time to set up so

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  23:01  
Yeah, cuz like, I mean, I could imagine if you have two cameras, that means two tripods. Yep. And then at least

Emeric Time Lapse  23:09  
two or three lenses? Exactly, we telemeters Bunch of that it’s yeah, it’s a love gear.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  23:16  
You don’t need a second, like a third and a fourth antiquary all that gear, right? Actually, I’m

Emeric Time Lapse  23:22  
pretty lucky because I have a roller bag. Okay, it’s like the maximum carry on sides, you can have on a plane, so it’s pretty big. And you can attach a tripod on the side so I can just, you know, pull the bag was the tripod, and then I carry another tripod on my left hand. So yeah, um it gets complicated when I have to bring sliders actually, or other stuff because I’m like, have the roller bag and everybody’s tripod kit. Sometimes I also have a backpack who has more stuff. It’s so it’s a lot of gear. But yeah, I’d rather have the gear on vacation and not use it. You know?

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  24:00  
Yeah, it goes back to that notion, right? Rather than to regret it.

Emeric Time Lapse  24:07  
Yep. Yep.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  24:08  
So I actually saw your, your post the other day on YouTube about that progression from when your story that’s a time lapse video. You only just like, share with the listeners out there. And I’ll probably put the put that link on the on the description anyway, but share us a little bit about you know, how do you progress and, you know, what, what was it like to start? How much photography because I think for many people especially like, I mean, I know it was for myself as well, it was it was a little bit out of reach when I start thinking about it, you know, it’s like, Man, I cannot do that as like I had to wait there for like three hours and like, you know, it’s like picking what it’s like, how do you do this? Like you know, so Uh, so take us through a little bit of that, like, you know, how you how you begin all this in terms of, yeah, just making a start and then to where you are right now.

Emeric Time Lapse  25:10  
It’s an exam question, actually, yeah, when I was actually doing this video and looking at my old timelapses, I was trying to figure out how I started where I started, you know, and you get a laugh, but I started shooting time lapse, video, like photography. But even back in 2013, I wasn’t even sure what my picture was doing. You know how, like, I didn’t know it was really changing the depth of field. It’s just, I wasn’t really good at photography, but I was still shooting, I was going out there in 2013, sorry. And I didn’t know how to control my camera settings. So most sometimes I was shooting either in the AV or even auto mode was my first time lapse in LA. So it’s horrible. But I didn’t know how to set the perfect interval, I didn’t have any. I wasn’t really aware of my environments. So I was just shooting a time lapse. For example, in the video, you can see a time lapse of the Hollywood sign. And that said, there’s a couple of trees moving in the foreground, but there is nothing moving. So I was shooting time lapse to shoot time lapse. But I learned a lot from the shitty clips, sorry for my language. But I did learn a lot from those clips. Because I knew what I was doing wrong. Like, okay, I’m looking at the clip when I go back to my apartment or house. And yes, that’s a boring time lapse. So I need to find a better subject. And then sometimes, okay, maybe my purchase to open here was too close. So next time I go, I’m going to use a slightly different temperature. Okay, the interval right now it’s too long. So next time I go outside, I’m going to maybe say to faster interval. So I need to select a better shutter speed. It’s like, it’s an entire process. Like every time you go out, you experience something, you fail. But the next time you go outside, should I get what you learned from the previous session so you can create better content. And it’s really what you see in the video I just posted like seven years of time lapse evolution, you can really see, every single year was pretty much focusing on a new problem. Almost like 2013 2014 is cam this same, but you can see the white balance is off a little bit 2015 the white balance is getting a little better. And starting to enrol files. Yes, I was shooting JPEG. It’s terrible. It’s terrible. Once you discover, you know the power of row files, it’s amazing. But then yeah, white balance 2016 I was maybe shooting more interval that or position or subjects 2017 I was challenging myself shooting Hyperlapse videos. And now 2018. Until now, it’s mostly about challenging myself funny new location chasing awesome sunrise and sunset. Because once you know how to do something, and you keep doing the same thing, can I get get bored at some point, like, you need to challenge yourself, you need to try new things, you know, and that’s what I’m trying to do with my YouTube channel. I have like, a series of challenge videos that’s gonna come up soon, when I’m trying to challenge myself do new things that I’m not so comfortable with, but learn from those things. And during those YouTube videos, I can share my experience with my followers as well.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  28:32  
That’s really cool. I was blogging because I remember one of the PDF, you’re, you’re looking at it and it’s like, it’s like, I don’t know what it was thinking that

Emeric Time Lapse  28:44  
there’s some like white balance at night, it looks super yellow. I’m like, What the hell is going on here?

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  28:51  
It’s really funny because I had that moment all the time. It’s like, like, I know, I wasn’t, you know, like, I was just starting photography. But like, surely like, you know, I wouldn’t have been this is great. So like, that’s just, it’s good, I guess, you know, for especially your listeners who kind of just get started or want to get started that, you know, we all been there. We’re not the superhero that sort of social media make us look like you know, like, we didn’t wake up yesterday and start picking up a camera and of

Emeric Time Lapse  29:20  
course not. Yeah.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  29:23  
That’s yeah, it’s really it’s really cool to actually see that transformation and it’s really it’s really good to see the passion, the patient, patient and the passion you have to focus on one problem at a time. I think there is a lot of thing a lot of us have problem with I know like for me, I I’m really impatient. So I want to get there really quickly. And for that reason, I usually rush into all these different things. And I become a jack of all trades and an expert at none. You know what I mean? I

Emeric Time Lapse  30:01  
think I think the focusing on one problem at a time wasn’t really something I decided to do is just it happened. Like, I was showing my time lapse and I, oh, I realise there’s a problem here. So I’m going to work to fix it. When I know how to manage this problem what I discover new odd until, until you know, 2018 where now I’m like cleaning my time lapses like crazy. And, yeah, when I look back to 2013 2015 time lapses, I see all those problems that I didn’t see at the time. But yeah, focusing on one thing at a time. It’s not something that you know, it was doing on purpose, it was really just, it just happened one thing at a time, but as you can see, it took like, several years,

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  30:45  
I guess you’re much wiser person than most of us. You know, it right, the right way us but so, like I said, this is one thing I really want to hear from you. Because, again, as a photographer, right, I could go out into one place, and I could, within the hour or half an hour or whatever time I’m there, I could look at it have a beat back, and I could correct it right away. As a timeless photographer, you don’t have that. So how does this How does this learning progression works for you? And you know, what, what kind of works that you find in this, in this experience? What kind of works and what can I do some work to, you know, get better? Quickly at how much photography?

Emeric Time Lapse  31:33  
That’s a good question. I think I think analysing your environments to see to see the city or landscape you’re shooting as a time lapse photographer is gonna make the difference. So you need to Yeah, like to sit and analyse your environment. So see what’s moving, you shouldn’t have timeouts, you know, choosing one picture. So you need to find stuff that are moving in your environment. So most of the time, it’s clouds. If you’re in the city, it’s cars, people like change, like Yeah, analyse your environment, I think that’s going to make that you can see it in my video. Like the turn point is I already said sorry. The point where my time lapse is starting to get better is when I really started focusing on what I was capturing. So beautiful sunrise before sunset, constant motion. And I actually found that my favourite time lapses of them all they have like three different components. Because I always said sorry, my English is not 100% Perfect company. But when you have the city skyline makes we have some clouds. And the fast moving elements in the foreground is usually like the best recipe for a good time lapse. Because you have this city skyline is your subject, you have the clouds floating in the sky, and you have really fast moving elements like cars or boats moving in the foreground. And when I realised that you can mix different subjects together, like the city skyline with a sunset, or sunrise with cars or something like this, it’s usually what’s going to make a good time lapse. So I think if people like who are listening right now, just want to start doing time lapse yet start thinking time lapse. Like it’s, it’s you’re not shooting one frame, you know, it’s not, you’re not shooting the time frozen. You’re not frozen in time. That’s what I want to say. So you shooting a period of time, five minutes to two hours, maybe more. So you need to sorry, you need to think about this. I don’t know if it makes sense.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  33:45  
Yeah, no, totally. I think what you’re trying to say there basically think about things that will be right because the timeline information there. Yeah, yeah. So you say about like the foreground having moving foreground changing lights in the meet to meet ground and having clouds that move on the on the background makes Yeah, that cool. That cool. Timeless, is it I remember, when I was first started, I take a photo of this. It was actually a really nice sunset, but it was like you say there was like it was the mountain and then you got like, the sun, the sky kind of changing colour, but there was no cloud. And sure it was kind of nice to see the change in colour, but it takes a while and it’s like

Emeric Time Lapse  34:30  
something missing right? You could do better. Yeah, totally.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  34:35  
So that was like when you say that was like yeah, I remember that that when I take that video and that really, really explain why you know that that I feel like there’s something missing like you say. Yeah, so that’s awesome. Thanks for sharing that. And I think you’re exactly right. When you say if there’s nothing moving in, in in the in your scene, then There’s no point in making a tablet because at the moment is just a multiple same thing. Right?

Emeric Time Lapse  35:05  
Exactly. That’s actually what I’m actually writing a free class right now. And I was talking about this issue where I told people it’s not because you can show a time lapse that you should don’t show a time lapse, because you can show a time lapse because you should. And I think it’s it makes a difference. Like, yeah, I can’t go through a time lapse every day here in LA, but I’m not going because first of all, I’m lazy kind of sometimes, but I’m saying it’s not worth it to go every day. There is no reason for me to go out every day. I need to pick up when there’s no smog when I say some clubs, because it’s makes always the difference. So yeah, don’t your time lapse because you can yes, you have the gear or the time but go on is worth it. It’s what makes the difference. It’s what makes a difference between the time lapse in a good beautiful time lapse. Yeah, for sure. message behind behind time lapse, you know,

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  35:57  
yeah, I think as as photographers, you know, whatever photographers we are we have this tendency of like, looking at one like a scenery and and just like, oh, yeah, that’s beautiful. And we didn’t think about it and just try to snap it. And then obviously, it doesn’t work, because our eyes and our camera are two different looking at two different things. Right. Yeah, that’s, that’s, I think that’s great, too, that you mentioned that, for the viewer out there. To think about what you’re shooting and analyse that with. So how is that? How do you learn? Like, you actually, I guess what I’m trying to say is, you should have time lapse, right? You invest like, two, three hours, whatever. And then after that, you’ve got your, your, your video, so your photo in the video, and then you cannot realise where it’s missing. And then the next time you have to try to fix that, right? So is there like, how do you do that is is it just pretty much just a long, long winded process that you have to do? Like, just have to shoot? You know, like hope for the best and then review it and then kind of just try to fix it the next time? Or is there a better way of kind of analysing what you what might have gone wrong during the shoot itself?

Emeric Time Lapse  37:18  
I’m trying to understand your question.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  37:21  
So I guess what, I guess what I’m trying to say is that when we should still photography, we know if we shoot the wrong way, if it’s the wrong settings, or what? Well as in a time lapse photography, you don’t know your final product that you go home and put it all together. So is there a way? Is there any, like a way that you can recognise that you’re like, oh, no, like, you know, I shouldn’t I shouldn’t have done that. Or, you know, I should have done this, where you don’t have to kind of wait until you go home and put it all together, you know that you did wrong? Yeah, I

Emeric Time Lapse  37:55  
think that’s something you develop was time. Like, I think it makes a big difference to really think, like, imagine how the future is going to be like the future is like, what 10 minutes? Like, you really need to think about how it’s gonna look like I think a time lapse photographer has to obviously, sometimes you can’t control the weather. So you don’t know. You don’t know how it’s gonna end. You know, you don’t know what to expect. But there is like different apps and different. And I think knowledge and experience is making you better and better at, you know, thinking what’s going to happen. So you is that? Is that your question? Am I answering your question? Yeah, it’s a very interesting question. But I’m trying to make sure it’s clear for people listening. But yeah, I think that’s the experience like, I think 80% of the time, an hour before sunset, I can predict what’s going to happen what’s going to happen, because I’ve seen so many different clouds so many different sunset. Yeah, I know what’s going to happen. So I know if it’s worth going out shooting the next time, you know, obviously I’m not 100% right all the time, but

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  39:05  
you don’t go out there you don’t get it right.

Emeric Time Lapse  39:08  
Exactly. That’s That’s my moto. I haven’t moto that say in French. Can you talk to iron out? Yeah. Which means if you don’t try anything, you won’t get anything?

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  39:15  
Yeah. So like, you have to

Emeric Time Lapse  39:19  
try and yes, sometimes it fails. So many times. I’m like I came back was like very bad footage. It’s like you can control the weather. So the best you can do is just show up expect for the best. Sometimes it works sometimes you expected something bad and something amazing happened. It can go both ways. You know?

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  39:39  
Yeah. That is very clear. Like is a lot of times where that kind of happens. I actually like some of them. My favourite shots are like that. I was like I’m expecting it’s like, Oh, it’s nothing. It’s like, oh, whoa, what’s that?

Emeric Time Lapse  39:53  
Way in time and photography. You need to learn to wait. That’s what’s gonna make the difference. especially if you’re shooting sunset likes. Sometimes you shouldn’t use sunset and like Okay, since it was like 1015 minutes ago and yeah, the clouds of the sky looks boring. And then one it later it’s like Sky fires super red and pink and like, oh, Mike. Good thing I learned I stayed a little bit longer, you know?

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  40:22  
Yeah, that’s, I actually learned that the hard way. There’s so many times that you’re like, oh, yeah, it’s gone. It’s like everything on dry palms like.

Emeric Time Lapse  40:33  
And you feel so bad. Like you’re super angry. But yeah, learn to weights, even in photography, like regular photography.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  40:41  
Yeah, totally. That’s, yeah, that’s cool. So yeah, that’s, I mean, thanks a lot for sharing that. I think that’s a it’s really important for, for many of us to kind of have that passion of patient. It’s really hard to

Emeric Time Lapse  40:56  
lose patience. Yeah. And passion. Yeah. Yeah, that patience

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  40:59  
to just wait a little bit longer. And, you know, don’t don’t go for that final product all the time. But yeah, that’s, that’s amazing. What, what are, share with us some of your favourite time lapse moment, or maybe your time lapse? You know, it can be experienced or photo combat altogether?

Emeric Time Lapse  41:21  
Excellent question. I’m trying to remember like, which one comes to my mind first. The most recent one was, I was in New York, it was July 2018. So before, all the cosmic thing. But I was meeting a few friends. In New Jersey, you know, we have a skyline view on New York. And then there was, there were a few clouds in the sky, but nothing really, like super exciting. But you know, it was my last day in New York. So we met up there, we started showing time lapses. And at some point, the sun shining through the clouds and, you know, lit up the entire skyline. But since you know we’re facing east, you can see the sunset in the buildings. So it’s a pretty interesting concept. And then, few minutes later, the the clouds starting to turn pink. I was like, oh my god, it’s like perfect time lapse. And then you had like a lot of boat traffic from the Hudson River. And then maybe 20 minutes later, almost full moon rising in my shot was like all. Like, everything came together in one single time lapse. And he got me super excited. And I was like, oh my god, I had to share with my Instagram followers, because every time everything comes together, it gets me super pumped up. And I’m excited. And like, this is why I’m showing time lapse. This is why I have some bad days. This is why sometimes I fail. It’s because I want this type of shoot to happen. And there’s this one. I think there was another one. Obviously, yeah, I don’t know if you’ve seen this case space. Not not just a space SpaceX sorry. The SpaceX time lapse of the Falcon nine rocket launch above downtown LA. Like this one was super exciting. I didn’t know what to expect. I just knew two rockets. So it’s gonna go fast. It’s going up, so I need to get some room in the sky. So this is what I did. I started with a one second interval, and super wide. And then he came out and like super awesome. And when you see a rocket launch in front of you, it’s like super freaking exciting.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  43:36  
Is that was that the one that looked like there was an explosion in the sky? Yep. I saw that. I was like, whoa. And yeah, that was that was insane. Actually, I haven’t seen the moon one yet. I really need to get a link on that one. Because

Emeric Time Lapse  43:54  
I don’t know if it’s it’s definitely on Instagram. I don’t. I might have a version on YouTube. I still I’ve been wanting to do a YouTube kind of time lapse mix of New York. But yeah, I think there was, I think there was I feel like I’m missing one. Yeah, I mean, there was a private property in LA, I got a special access to shoot from there. And the view was amazing. The sunset was crazy. It’s like you feel excited when you are the right place at the right time. Okay, maybe it happens 5% of the time, but when it happens, it’s just super exciting. And it gives you so much energy to further 95% of the time or you won’t be at the right place. So yeah, that’s why I keep doing this so can chase amazing moment like this in time.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  44:47  
Yeah, that’s very inspiring, actually. It’s very, very true the way you say that. You know, sometimes like I hope all that 95% Only five of them come true, but you know that 5% is like, not go for more. Right?

Emeric Time Lapse  45:03  
It’s so good. It’s like, I don’t know, gives you so much energy for you know, 95% that it’s not so good. I mean, it’s still good, but it’s anyway, you know what I mean? It’s, it’s crazy. Yeah.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  45:19  
Really hard to explain it isn’t it is

Emeric Time Lapse  45:21  
hard because it’s something to live yourself and you need to experience it to understand. Yeah,

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  45:27  
yeah, that’s totally totally. You have like, so like, this year, someone’s like, you’re really, you know, found moments, I suppose. You know, one, you’re, you’re most proud of that. 5%. But share us a little bit more about that. 95% like, you know, what is your struggle as a time of photography? And, you know, to get to where you are right now, especially.

Emeric Time Lapse  45:54  
So there’s the most, I think it’s like, learning how to read the weather, like sometimes. The 95 It’s, How do you say this? It’s a good question. Again, you’re really good at this. You really did. But it gets me like thinking about how I do things, which sometimes I don’t actually, I just do things, but I don’t know the psychology behind it.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  46:20  
I realised that as well, when I started to, like, teach his that out. It’s like, I don’t know how to explain that. Like, you cannot have that.

Emeric Time Lapse  46:28  
It’s like putting words on stuff you do physically like actions. But yeah, sometimes what I fail, it’s just yeah, it’s it’s an expected sunset, for example, like a weather that like a sunset that didn’t end the way you want it. So you can’t have disappointing or you’re not at the right place at the right time. Are you facing the wrong way? Like, for example, I was, it was the following maybe a month ago or so. So I went to a spot in LA facing camera east will downtown LA. But it was so smoky, that we can actually live in a cloud as well. Like, I couldn’t see the moon at all. I saw the moon for like two minutes, and it was gone. But if at sunset, if I just you know, turn 180 degrees behind me facing west, the sunset was crazy. So I was like, like, I should have gone to a different place facing west. But yeah, it’s like you can’t get mad at yourself in a way because you didn’t go to the right location on time. It’s like it’s hard to expect what’s going to happen I talk a lot about sunset because that’s what I shoot the most but that’s why I’m you know, more experienced with Yeah, it’s just kind of getting mad at yourself for not being in the right place. I feel like that’s why I’m struggling struggling and lots and also trying to find new locations, new angles of the cities can be tough in you know, safe areas, especially in LA. So I often goes go back to like the same spots and but I’m trying to get different weather conditions. Stuff like this. Yeah, trying to be original. It’s kind of tough after like, seven years in the same area.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  48:13  
It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s actually one of the reason why I got a second camera. Because there was so many times where I was like, I want to shoot time lapse and then 15 minutes to that and I was like, No, I want to shoot the steel frame as well. But I don’t want to break the child’s like I hate myself more than I was like, you know, getting taken care of. That’s yeah, that’s a that’s that’s great. Thanks for sharing that. I think there’s a lot of our struggle as photographers especially when we get when we expect one thing facing another and then the other the good things happened on the other side.

Emeric Time Lapse  48:58  
Yeah, One day One day I was shooting with one camera I think oh, are you here? Yeah, good. One camera and I didn’t expect this sensor to be crazy so I can have zoomed in on my time lapse 100 Me also downtown LA is like you know kind of close up shot of downtown LA and obviously the sunset got super crazy and the clouds were super pink and red and and I got super mad at myself because what was happening in front of me but I couldn’t really change anything you want to stop the data in a time lapse I’m going to show you the full transition so yeah, you got kind of mad at yourself again for taking a bad decision. The right the wrong fucking lens that time instead of the location location was good but the wrong focal length.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  49:48  
It’s it’s it’s always a struggle, isn’t it? So like as, as a timeless photographer who’s been doing this for seven years, he said

Emeric Time Lapse  50:00  
So I have seven years professionally, but I started like, for fun back in 2011. So nine years,

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  50:06  
nine years in Yeah. So how, you know, like, like you say is, it’s really hard to come up with something new, right? It’s something that’s interesting or fresh. How do you? How do you basically fight this uphill battle? To come up with something new for yourself? I guess not only for yourself, but also for your audience, right? Because if it’s always the same thing, they become less interesting. So how do you create that view? Engaging, unique content? You know, after 10 years?

Emeric Time Lapse  50:42  
Good question. Yeah. I try to inspire myself from other people a little bit, try and see what they do. Not so much. Because I don’t like copying other people’s work. I like to find my own stuff up, you see, but it’s great to see what other time lapse photography due to can inspire yourself. And, you know, I’m someone who really overthink a lot, I think a lot, my brains always like to do too. So sometimes I can be, I don’t know, brushing my teeth, and bam, I have an idea. So I always have a document open on my computer, it’s like, oh, that’s gonna be a great idea. Like, it’s very new original. So I write it down. And then later on, I go there to shoot it and do it. But yeah, I’m trying to challenge myself a little more. Trying to even if I don’t know how to do that thing, I’m gonna try go out and do it. It doesn’t mean I’m going to succeed. You know, I think that’s, that’s why I don’t like it. Because I don’t like failures. I don’t like doing that work. I don’t like to waste my time. So every time I go up, it has to be perfect. I have to come back with a great time lapse or I’m going to be angry. I’m very mad at myself. But I realised that it can get boring at some point, because you always go for the safe. The safe game in a way, like always, it’s not fun, you know? So if you challenge yourself, okay, you might fail at the beginning. But then you’re going to learn from this. It’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the past seven years. I’m just for some reason. I don’t want to get out of my comfort zone lately. I’m pretty lazy. Here’s something but I’ve been out of my comfort zone since 2013 in LA and that’s why I’m here today. So I need to find again, what’s going to take me out of my comfort zone to you know, keep growing, you know it because I don’t want to stay where I am. I don’t wanna be stagnant. I want to stay. Yeah, I’m a good level. I’m good at what I’m doing. But I need change myself more. To be more clear to be more happy, I guess was the content I create to be more fulfilled? I guess. That would be the the word for it. The world the word sorry, word.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  52:53  
Yeah. That’s, that’s good. Thanks. Thanks for that. I think that’s really inspiring to hear. Especially you know, how you say that you’re, you’re, you know, you’re you’re a perfectionist, and we don’t like failures, but by by doing that, you stay in that safe zone. So you know, what the saying stays, you know, there’s nothing’s gonna happen. There’s nothing exciting in your inside your comfort zone. And you know, all

Emeric Time Lapse  53:19  
this what I’ve been trying to do, like, okay, when I’m shooting a YouTube video, for example, and oh, I did something wrong. It’s fine. I’m gonna I’m still going to share it with my YouTube now. Okay, I did. I did this wrong. I learned from it, I fixed it. Now I’m moving on. And I used to maybe the past couple years to be really okay has to be perfect. Was my YouTube videos was my time lapse videos. And obviously, my time lapse scenes, you know, it’s the final products, I really want it to be perfect, but it’s still like, if I fail one day, it’s fine. I can still you know, share the experience. And I’m a teacher. So I need I think it’s the teaching part that makes me Okay, now to teach, I have to be perfect. And it’s kind of like the bad side of being a teacher because you put yourself some limits, not limits. You put yourself into a mood where you have to constantly be perfect, better than your students who stuff like this. But no, it’s fine. If it’s not always perfect. You know, you have to you learn, you see, I was still holding human beings. And it’s so cliche, but you know, that’s true at the end of the day,

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  54:33  
that is very curious that it’s funny because it’s a cliche, but we often forget it so Exactly, yeah. Today, you mentioned that and I think especially as an educator like yourself, you know, I, I follow your, your, your journey, and I appreciate those those failures. Personally, you know, it makes me like, it’s like, okay, so I’m kind of right here on you know, like Emmerich’s kind of gear In the end, I know how to get to where to go like an inspiration and a goal to aim for I suppose. As someone who started I think that’s one thing that could be difficult, just relating back to myself, is that, okay? Like, where? What’s next? You know, like, because we don’t know any better, right? We only know what we know. So seeing that, like, I think that that that that episode that you share between the eight years it was like really cool. Like, it’s like, I got to see us like, okay, it’s like, so I kind of know where I am now. And then I kind of know where to fix that. So that’s, that’s great. Yeah. Cool. Like, yeah, like, that’s awesome. Very inspiring. We’re coming out to the end of it, so don’t want to keep you any longer. A couple more questions for you. Sure. Mine The first one is I’m I’m very I love your your time lapse of that New York and the Milky Way I want you to talk about the lovers. I want to hear that a little bit.

Emeric Time Lapse  56:08  
It’s this time lapse is kind of like the kind of like I just said earlier, where I was doing something super random and approved, I got this idea. So I had to go on my computer and do it and it turned out super well. So it’s a time lapse of the Milky Way with the Flatiron Building in New York. It’s obviously two different time lapses, you cannot see the Milky Way like this scene in New York, in the centre of Manhattan, you cannot see the Milky Way. But uh, when I do I can composite like this, like a fake blending was two different time lapse, I want to be as as real as possible. Like, sometimes I need the moon but you know, people, they’re going to add like a super giant moon on their photo, and it looks fake. I’m going to be the one who’s gonna like, maybe make it a little bigger, but I’m going to make it blurrier. I’m going to try to make the same colour. Maybe I’m going to remove a little bit I don’t know, I’m always trying to imagine how it really could be. So when I imagined how to see the Milky Way, in New York, I didn’t want to have the same exact same milky way that the middle of the desert, you know, because in the middle of a desert, you can, there’s not a lot of light pollution. So you can see a lot of contrast in the sky. So I put my Milky Way. But I also put some, you know, light pollution back on top of it to kind of make it a little more real in a way. It’s not real, obviously. But I’m trying to fight to be as close as possible from the reality if it was possible to see it.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  57:41  
I think that’s that’s why he was I think that’s why it’s so cool. Because like, you’re right, like when I when I saw it, I was like, wow, like, that looks so real. That’s insane. Like, what what actually inspired you to do that?

Emeric Time Lapse  57:54  
No idea, I think it was. The only reason is like I was trying to find like a time lapse to share on Instagram. And I saw this one of the Flatiron Building that I’ve never shot. But this guy was completely dark. It was okay, it’s super. It’s black, it’s peach black in New York. There’s no clouds. It’s like super easy. So I was like, Maybe I should I add something in it. It’s nighttime, so I could be away. And so I put it on After Effects. I say like doing the masking around the building. And I don’t know, if you look on the left, you can see a building was like balconies. And I had to, you know, mask all around every single balcony to make it even nicer. And it took me like two hours just to do this, you know, tiny part of the time lapse. But yeah, like I say, I’m a perfectionist. So even if I’m going to fake something, I really want it to be as close as possible from the reality.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  58:56  
It was really nicely planned. I must say like, I don’t do much composite as well. Like, like you do. But like, you know, sometimes I like to do it. And yeah, it’s fun to like, the things

Emeric Time Lapse  59:08  
very fun. Yeah. Because like, you get to challenge yourself, you know,

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  59:13  
you get the you get to get out of your reality for a little bit. Right, just like imagine what actually possible and I think that’s, that’s one thing that I really liked about composite is that hey, like, you know, yeah, it’s sure it’s not real, but like, just imagine this, you know, it could just turn off the light please for three hours New York.

Emeric Time Lapse  59:35  
If you look at my latest personal Instagram, it’s a it’s a sensation of Downtown LA. And same it’s actually I added the clouds. So it was I wanted to share these time lapse but you know, it’s le sky so there’s no clouds. And I was like okay, I’m going to try and find a time lapse or shot in the past and I’m going to add the sky and that. So I found a sunrise So I had to flip the time lapse. So the the sun will be on the right side. And so so it certain ways, so it’s going from night to day. So I find the size, the speed of the sunrise to make it look like a sunset. And then I, again did like the New York one where I, you know, mask the skyline out in the clouds on top of it. So again, it’s fake, but no one saw anything.

Unknown Speaker  1:00:27  
Very cool. It’s very cool.

Emeric Time Lapse  1:00:29  
Myself, like, you know, like I said earlier trying new things. And yeah, it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  1:00:35  
Yeah. Now that I think that turns out really well. So, you know, like, thanks a lot for being here. And I think we’re one question that I always asked to. My, my guess is that, if there is one advice that you can give to the listener who might want to try, you know, time lapse or whatnot, what would be that one thing that they should they can use to focus on and either start a time lapse or get better at time lapse?

Emeric Time Lapse  1:01:08  
There’s just so many. That’s why it’s interesting. It’s just time lapse photography. It’s so many little details and things to put together. But I would say, I don’t know if it’s cliche, but just go out and experience. You know, I have a failure that’s, I’ve been talking about in this podcast a few minutes before. But yeah, just try go out. And yeah, you might fail at the beginning, you might come back with some bad time lapses. But yeah, you can learn from this. And I feel like that’s how I learned to create good content is by failing before that the good content, you know,

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  1:01:45  
yeah. I would say, awesome. Yeah. That’s, that’s good. Have fun. Yeah, that’s it. Right. How fun. That’s the one.

Emeric Time Lapse  1:01:55  
But it makes a big difference.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  1:01:57  
Yeah. All right. Well, thanks a lot for being here in America. And yeah, that was a lot of fun. Happy to chat with us. Yeah,

Emeric Time Lapse  1:02:05  
thank you for having me. It was a lot of fun. Yeah,

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  1:02:07  
yeah, for sure. So like, you know, for, I know, you got a few projects gonna come in up, you know, like, maybe share with us some of the projects that you have coming up, or some of the ideas that you want to shoot, and let the listener know where they can see more of your, of your real work as well as how to get in touch with you. Especially, you know, like, I know that you’re, you’re you have a core so for those of you kind of want to learn that I did buy a course I haven’t opened it. I haven’t edited yet, but I did. So, yeah, let us know how to find you. Sure. First, the

Emeric Time Lapse  1:02:45  
projects I have right now coming up. I’m working on a big time lapse masterclass. 2021, it’s gonna make it’s gonna be different than what I have right now. Because I’m travelling all around the country. I’m going to different cities, I’m actually sharing how I approach the different cities. All the problems I’m coming across how I fix the problem, how I adapt my myself and my work to where I am. And so I’m going to have it’s a masterclass in a mix of UC education like learning time lapses, but also travelling, and I’m gonna have motion control. Astro time lapse hyperlapse video is going to be big, big masterclass, coming hopefully before the summer 2021 I’m also working on a film festival, a time lapse Film Festival I’ve been trying to it’s an idea I’ve been having for a hide for almost two years now. To like, create like an awesome good time lapse Film Festival in North America because there’s nothing right here. So I got some I got the jury already got the guidelines. I’m working on a website anyway, it’s gonna come very soon. By the end, by the by next year, probably. And yeah, obviously in tonnes of YouTube videos coming soon, so people can find me on on YouTube and Rick’s timelapse on Instagram as well and make time lapse. And on my website in real time where I have my classes, all my online classes if people want to purchase, you know, it helps me create more content for free and paid as well. But yeah, I’m really glad I have those classes. Yeah, can learn anything time lapse, Hyperlapse day to like cleaning ever time lapse. Everything you want is 24 hours of lessons. So you got the full day. You can watch my classes for full desk traits. Anyway, yeah, it’s all online on Google as well. You can just type my name, you’ll find me.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  1:04:53  
All right. Well, cool. Well, thanks a lot for that. I was hoping that you mentioned about that one festival because that looks really amazing. Yeah,

Emeric Time Lapse  1:05:00  
yeah, it’s it’s gonna come next year I have, I don’t know if you know, again to Veganuary is like the creator of our time lapse is gonna be one of the jury and a few other people too. It’s gonna be I think it’s gonna be a great festival.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  1:05:15  
Yeah, that’s it. Yeah, that’s awesome. I saw that on your, on your feed and like, and this looks like pretty. It’s just

Emeric Time Lapse  1:05:22  
teasing for now because I don’t have much ready but I’m just teasing people. It’s like a couple of screenshots.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  1:05:30  
All right, well, thanks a lot. They’re coming in again.

Emeric Time Lapse  1:05:33  
Well, thanks for having me.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  1:05:35  
Appreciate your time, and thanks for sharing your wisdom and also your knowledge. And that was that was a it was great. You know, especially on a really niche type of photography. I suppose. I was really hoping that you jumped on board because I don’t know maybe 10 of us photographers. So glad that you did.

Emeric Time Lapse  1:05:54  
Yeah. My pleasure. That was nice. Yeah. Like I said at the beginning, I’m always trying, you know, if I don’t have an excuse for going for it, I was saying yes, it can change a lot of stuff.

Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  1:06:08  
All right, well, we get hundreds Thank you very much for listening in and focus, we get a lot from that. And, you know, even though maybe you want to try time lapse, maybe you know, it’s not kind of your your forte, but you should really give it a go because it is a lot of fun. And I started with my cell phone and my GoPro so you don’t need to actually use this crazy camera to start it. But as soon as I started, I was hooked like I just there is no looking back. So thanks a lot for being here and tune up for next week. And if you haven’t subscribed yet, make sure you follow our channel and you get to hear more about this passionate photographers sharing their how photography give them more hope, purpose and happiness. So if you’re watching this on YouTube, you can hit the subscribe button down here and then hit that notification bell, the bell, notification bell and you’ll get notified when there’s a new episode coming. Alright, well stay safe out there and stay healthy. Hopefully you guys have a good holiday coming up.


The Wicked Hunt by Stanley Aryanto Copyright 2020 All rights reserved.