April 11, 2022

Ep 32 – How can artists leverage & thrive through NFT? or is it one big scam?

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The Art of Photography
The Art of Photography
Ep 32 - How can artists leverage & thrive through NFT? or is it one big scam?

I’ve just finished MCing NFT Bali 2022 as a representation from The Wicked Hunt but also from the Photography community. While it’s still fresh in my mind, I thought, why not put out a podcast on NFT and how it applies to photography and other art?

NFT had been one of the biggest trending searches on google not long ago. Many people jump into NFT, some thrive and made a lot of money, but some are scammed and lost a lot of money. So what is NFT? How can it be leveraged, and how will it change the world for artists?

I’ve spent about a year hanging out on Twitter space and clubhouse to learn what is NFT. At first, I thought it was a quick cash grab scheme, but the more I immersed myself in it, the more I fell in love with it. 

The possibilities are endless, and I can start imagining how will it apply to The Wicked Hunt and its future brand. 

It’s a new technology, a new ideology and a new opportunity. It’s exciting!
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, come and join me and decide for yourself. 

But there’s always more than the surface. 

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Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  0:00  
and some people just think it’s a big scam so

hey, we care hunters Welcome back to The Art of Photography podcast where we share photographers journey as well as topics on photography and how photography giving us hope, purpose and happiness. And today, I do not have anyone with me, I don’t have any guests. It’s just me, myself and I, but I want to talk to you about an F D, what is NFT? Why NFT? Is it a scam? And I know there are, you know, a few sites in the US some people absolutely love it jumping into it. You know, and some people kind of heard about it. And you know, they might have a mixed, mixed feeling about it. And some people just think it’s a big scam. So I’d like to share a little bit about what it is, and why I am jumping into the NFT world and why I am excited about what NFT can do for the future. And at the end of it, you are free to make your own decision. Make your own. Make your own judgement of what it is. But I think it’s it’s always, you know, something that I always tell everyone that think NFT is a scam is unless you immerse yourself in it, then I think you will never know the full story. I mean, when you think about it, right? When we looking at a business, for example, it’s easy to see from the outside whether or not they’re making it, but we know the people who are in the business, they know whether or not they’re struggling and they’re doing everything they can just so that they’re keeping afloat and looks like they’re doing fine. Or they’re actually doing better than it might look or you know, it is a true representation of what it looks like on the surface. Right? And I’m in there is a saying that goes like you know, it’s isn’t always what it looks like on the surface. And it’s absolutely right, wherever it may look, there is a good and a bad thing. Of course to it. Like everything in life. Is it a scam? Well, I know that there are a lot of scams out there, which is really unfortunate. unfortunate because it’s ruining the reputation of NFT it is a big, big opportunity, a big, big way to change the way we approach and move forward. But this, this game that coming through, are really ruining people trust in it, right. But like everything else in this world, when there is a lot of hype, when there is a lot of interest, people will exploit that it’s no different than the internet is no different than the phone when it first came out. It’s no different than the internet when it first came out. But we know that it’s it’s Well, when you immerse yourself you will find out that NFT is such a strong technology. And it is also such a such an incredible thing to utilise, especially if you are an artist. So why will NFT disrupt the future of the art? Well, as I already mentioned, it has a new technology, a technology that can automate a lot of the contract side of things so that you know it is a lot more objective, you know, there’s a less, less greediness, you know, people are getting paid what they are, it’s going to be a lot harder to be scammed. Because it is more traceable. It is it is what they call it, it’s more transparent. Right. And it’s very, you could basically track everything. Of course there, you know, people find ways to kind of run away from it. But that is the whole idea. Right? The new technology. There is also a new ideology, we call it the old way is the web 2.0 And the new way is the web 3.0. And there is a big difference in ideology, right? Well as in the web 2.0 It was more about okay, you know, I’m me and I need to strive and oh, you know, this other guy doing the same thing. I better compete with this. But in the web 3.0 We’re seeing a lot more collaboration a lot more a helping hand and, you know, it’s a rising tide, you know, and we rise together as a boat, right? And that’s what one of the coolest mindset of the some of the community in the NFT is that?

You know, we always look for ways to to To lift each other up now, is there is that mean there is no jealousy? Is that mean there is no fear of missing out? Is that mean there is no, you know, imposter syndrome. Of course now, at the end of the day, we are human, but from what I’ve seen so far, it’s really nice. And I will go into a little bit more detail on this. But, yeah, the other thing is that there is a big, big possibilities. Right. And, again, I’ll go through a lot of this in a lot more details. decentralisation, you know, the power shift to the artists and individual in the old days, where, you know, a lot of the issue was an artist who might need to get to go to Gallery to get all this all their stuff selling, and the gallery will take a big cut from the artists, right. And at the end of the day, they ended up with 20 or 30%. And I get it right the gallery need the in marketing’s expands need to pay for the electricity, whatever it may be. And, yes, although crypto currency is currently using a lot of power, but I think I highly encourage you to look at what you know, the conventional banks are using, you know, what, you know, galleries would have used right there using like, really high electricity. And, you know, at the end of the day, I think for every technology for every emerging technology and groundbreaking technology, there’s going to be some pain, there is no way that we will change without pain. And, you know, there’s already so many things that is happening, trying to address this, and I, you know, in a year or two time, I feel like a lot of this issue with the environmental problem gonna be solved. So I’m really excited about that. But the really cool thing is that this NFT world is like the Marvel like think about it, like the original of Marvel comics when it first came out, right? It is the OG and, you know, right now it might worth 0.21 eath, which equivalent to what a few $100, do a few $1,000. But in 510 2030 years time, you know, I’ll be I’ll be thinking that some of these will go 400 1000s of dollars, especially some of the artwork that are truly unique. So it’s such an exciting landscape in the world. So what is an F T? Right? Nf T stands for non fungible token. Now, non fungible basically means it cannot be replaced, it cannot be altered. And it is truly unique on its own. Right. And what it means by that is that when you think about it, right? Think about it like $1 US dollar, right? A coin of US dollar with another coin of US dollar, they’re not unique. You could interchangeable interchange them with the same sort of representation, as well as the same value, right? 50 cents is the 50 cents, they’re looking at the same and you know, sure some might have things on it and whatnot. But it is interchangeable, right? Well as an NFT is not, you know, each have its own token, and each have its own smart contract behind it.

Now, the second part of it is tokens, right? And that is, you know, non fungible token. So the token is the part where it represent the representation of something else, right. And in the NFT, or in the cryptocurrency world, it’s, it’s basically a series of numbers and letters that represent that particular art that get connected to a contract that we call a smart contract, because this contract is sitting somewhere in the system in the blockchain, and you can make decision on its own and you don’t need people, you know, executing this and that’s why going forward, the application is just so, so broad, and of course, I will go into a lot more depth in a little bit. But what is really cool about NFT why people are crazy about this NFT right. So I think there’s five main pillars to this NFT first is authentication because with each With each art, suddenly there is a token that represent the art and artists of that particular art will always get linked to it. Of course, you know, with everything, there’s going to be a way to explore it. But I’m just gonna go, you know, with the positive note the possibilities, right? Why, you know, it’s all get authenticated, it’s all get linked to the art between the artist and the art. And there is there no way, you know, in quotation marks, I’m sure there, you know, if you try hard enough, I’m sure there is a way to do it. But for now, it’s really really, really, really, really, really difficult to change that authentication. Now, just think about it, like, a Mona Lisa, for example, Mona Lisa is a piece that is truly unique. And for you to authenticate that it’s very difficult, right? People have been trying to fake it, and they try to, you know, and in order to check that there is going to go you, it has to go through a series of forensic analysis. But with NFT now, it’s all it’s all there visible in in the system, traceability, right, where it goes, when it goes who by who created it, it’s all in the system. And it is a lot more a lot easier to track. And that’s why it’s great, as well as a transparency, right, is transparent, you could see each transaction, each price change even right. So if you say like to, to one of the collectors, I know this one is like this collection values have a lot of value. But you know, in actual fact, you just pop up the value, and then you just change the value of the price at that current time and then bring it back down. It’s all visible. So it’s a lot harder to scam. Utilities. Now, this NFT has been crazy in the world, right? And Gary Vee has been using them as part of a way to access him, right? If you look at the bigger kind of project like Word, ape, and so forth, it gives you access to a community and some other project. Actually, when you purchase that project, you are a kind of an adopter to a foundation where they donate most of the proceeds most, if not all of the proceeding to some sort of cause. And most of all community, right? We love to belong to a community, we love to hang out with the same people. And I think this is why NFV is really cool thing, especially the people who got it right, because it is a new technology, it is a new ideology. And it is a new path forward. And with this, it becomes really exciting. You know, because the possibility is endless. But we know that a lot of people are going to try to exploit it a lot of scammers. A lot of people try to make it look bad and try to destroy this, you know this ideology. So that is why if you find the right community, we actually protect the idea behind web 3.0 or the NFT. Right? And you know, it’s just such a cool thing is really hard to explain in words. But if that’s something you kind of want to find out, we usually hang out in Twitter. So why turn an art into an NFT? Right? What’s the point? Well,

one of the thing that really draw me into it was, of course, the first thing is, you know, it sounds like you can make a lot of money from it. And one of the things that I always say to everyone is that if you if your sole purpose to jump into NFV is to make money, then you probably shouldn’t jump into it because first you just gonna destroy the ideology. Second, you probably not gonna make it because people are getting better at identifying the scammers and people who just in it for the short term. And third, you know, what’s the point like, you know, you will burn out, you will hate what you’re doing anyway. But one of the things that’s really cool was the legacy part of it, you know, knowing that, you know, I’ve sold a lot of brands, I’ve sold a lot of photo books, but I know that one day, you know, maybe there is a big fire or whatnot or even, you know, paper degrades even the archivable material. So one day a lot of this material going to degrade and we’ll lost its value. Well it’s lost it all together, but you In the blockchain, it is a lot more secure, a lot harder to get rid of. So it’s kind of cool that once it’s there, it’s there forever, right. Now, the next thing is some of the thing that I’ve already talked earlier is that the power shift, suddenly, an artist can be appreciated for their work, right? In terms of money in terms of as well as in terms of their art. I know that in the web 3.0 People really enjoy the connection with the artistic connection with the art instead of just, ah, it’s a pretty photo, right? I mean, if you are an artist, or you know, whether you’re a photographer, a sculpture, whatever it may be, aren’t you tired of people just like looking at your art, and you say, it’s like, oh, cool, that’s awesome. Right. And you put your, your heart and your passion and everything you have into it, you know, I know that some of the shot that that, that I’ve captured, you know, I carry a 10 kilogramme backpack onto the top of the mountain or negative 25 degrees Celsius, I was freezing cold, I don’t know, if I will have to cut my toe by the end of the trip. But you know, that’s what we love. That’s our passion. And the one thing that we want out of it is to be recognised and to be appreciated. Of course, we need the money, right? Because we need to live and that’s what gonna put our food on the table, that was what gonna put the roof on top ourselves. But at the end of the day, the appreciation is priceless. And this is what’s cool about it, I’ve seen a lot of indie indie artists raising money for the film that they want to build, and people are buying into the project because they believe in him. Right? That is the key word they believed in him, instead of you know, because this person have a lot of followers or because this this, you know, this person have connection or whatnot. And I mean, I’ve seen people so out there connection, you their collection, with only 800 followers. And of course, on the contrary, I also see people with 3040 50 100,000 followers that saw the collection. And at the end of that, at the end of the at the end of there i i believe that, you know, there is a big, big opportunity as an artist to bring this power back to us. And with the smart contract. Now all of a sudden, we can decide what is there and what’s not, and upload it to the to the blockchain as a smart contract. So that you know that it is how, so that the term is how you wanted it. So that is really exciting. So, then, okay, you know, hopefully by now you’re convinced, you know, it’s like, whoa, that’s cool, like, NFT. Perfect. That sounds amazing. So, I guess I’ll share this from the photographer’s perspective, right? But from artists perspective, and from the collector perspective, you just kind of flip it inside out, and I’ll show you what I mean. But so

then a lot of people can ask me, Well, Stanley, what do I meant for NFT. Now when I say meant, it means basically putting it in the blockchain and tokenize it as an NFT. Right? Now, if you’re like me, you know, I have over 200,000 photos on my hard drive, it becomes really, really difficult to curate and think about what you want a minute. But I think the most important part of this, you know, as whether or not you’re looking at it from a collective perspective, or artists perspective, is to stay true with your journey, right? Why you started your journey as an artist, like a good example is that, you know, when I first started, I started because I went on this five weeks trip in Europe, and I was just like, man, it was such an awesome trip. It was the road to Oktoberfest, I was a lot younger there. And, you know, looking back into this memory through some of these photos really got me disappointed. Because I felt like it didn’t capture the experiences that I experienced. So my first thing was, I want to be able to capture memories, right? And the next thing is that you know, when I fell in love with it even more as it given me hope, purpose and happiness. I Want to do more of it, I want to travel full time I want to capture all these things, right. But along the line, I realise it’s not about the pretty photo, but about finding unique perspective, just, you know, finding that unique perspective of the world, because, you know, we, we see, we see a lot of these popular spots, and that’s cool. But when you can find a unique perspective, or a unique photo of that of that particular spot, it become it became personal to you as a photographer, and that makes it really emotional, right. And that’s sentimental. And that’s really cool about photography. And for that reason, you know, I know that I go through a lot of Summit during stupid hours as well. And I want to be able to share those magnificent beauty with with the bigger audience because I know that a big portion of the world don’t have the energy, the opportunity and the ability to be able to explore such place, right? To be able to travel the world to do what I do to quit my job, and travel and just like leave everything sold everything and just pack my bag travel the world. But at the same time, I want to help those who really want to pursue their passion, but they don’t think they can to show them that it is possible. So when I sell my, my very first collection was was about that it was about the journey and the journey behind each photograph or behind each NFT you get this like a little magazine, right on E magazine that I’ve put together about my ledger about the story behind me why I put this together about the wicked Han? And what is the wicked Han right about each photograph and the story behind photograph and why it is significant and why it is unique, as well as, when I was in that path as a photographer, what was the mindset and you know, I’m hoping for that to be a symbol for those who want to pursue their passion in whatever it is it may be, whether it is as a full time as a hobby or as a part time. Right? But that collection, help me to do share a lot of my work with with more of the world, right? To be able to

motivate and encourage and hopefully get people to go outside of their comfort zone and chase their dreams. So at the end of the day, I think it’s really important to to know your why and to stay through with it because it’s not going to be easy. And if you don’t follow if you don’t have a purpose, then you will burn out and you will stop and you know you will give out altogether. So know your why. Now, once once you kind of know your why you start curating it right based on you know, what, what are based on, you know that that why why you know, all these different art that support that journey or of what you want to share. Now, once you have that, then think about the platform and the coin, right. And the platform is usually pick based on the coin that it supports. So for example, you know, open sea Foundation, slowly kind so forth are on Ethereum and exchange art is one example from what they call it Solana and so forth. Right? But one thing that you need to remember or to decide is that your niche and where your audience where are your collectors sitting predominantly before you, you you pick this right? Because essentially, those are the people that you want to talk to. But there are other things about the platform itself. So for example, each platform have different fees, each platform have gas, different gas fees, right? And gas fees is just think about it like if you’re driving from one place or another to another right, it is the energy that it requires to for that transportation. So it’s the same thing when you make a purchase, from you know, my quotation, my crypto wallet to your crypto wallet, there’s gonna be a movement of assets and that’s gonna cost money. Right now The next thing is the royalty. So again, when I mentioned about, you know, traceability and authenticity, right? When the art is sold to a collector, and that collector decide to sell it to someone else, you have the option to get royalty, so that, you know, let’s say, I have this, I’ve got one of these shoulders really, really rare with a comment NEOWISE. And it was aligned with Aurora Borealis and the Milky Way and got published through like petapixel epoch time. Focus magazine in, in Germany, basically everywhere, right? And is such a rare moment, because it will not happen again in many lifetime. In fact, the next new comment near was going to be in 6800 years. So, you know, when, when it’s at the moment, the market in the NFT is quite small. So it might sell for, let’s say, you know, five, eath, five Aetherium. But going forward, it might, you know, people might discover it, and it might sell for 100 Aetherium, or, you know, 200, and you get a cut of that you get that part of the appreciation as the original person who captured the art that that create that art, right. And all of this is controlled by smart contracts. So it’s actually really important as well, because each smart contract, sorry, each platform have a different smart contract, and some are better than the others like everything else. Now, the next thing is exclusivity. Like for example, you know, foundation. Sorry, let me start that over, for example, like super rare unknown origin and slow car, you know, it’s it required for you to apply and get accepted. Foundation require for you to get invited. So it’s a community curated platform by you know, other people. And a good example where you could literally jump in right now and meant your art is repairable and open see, right, and one other one that I will talk about is Tux dot art. And it is one that is created by Vince or Caltex. He is one of the first collector that made that populars and popularised NFT photography. And he created this platform as a fully decentralised platform. What’s that mean? Is that no one is running anything behind it, there’s just a bunch of code that you know, if you do this become that and you this income, then.

And that’s the that’s kind of a cool thing about it, right? I know that a lot of nude photographer, for example, could not pose their stuff on Instagram, you know, because it would get censored and stuff like that. So, with decentralisation is a lot more power to it. But yeah, with great power comes great responsibility. But there’s going to be another a lot of other benefits as well. For example, some are, can have the ability to buy it now, or to put an offer or to do an auction, some doesn’t. Some can do collection of multiple artwork, and some doesn’t. And some can do also do you know different ways of meeting your art as well. So I’d like to classify NFT art into three at the moment, right, I’m just going to make this simple for all of you a series or a limited edition. So let’s say you got this photo and you want to sell five of them for X amount, right? And when you do that, it’s become less rare and therefore it’s usually price lower. Now, if you have let’s say a theme for so my very first collection, so that was series and the second thing is collection, right? My very first collection is about my journey from you know, not knowing how to take photo, or my very first trip that really started my photography career to you know, leaving my engineering degree to where I am today where you know, I’ve captured countless once in a lifetime moments. A lot of that is captured in that collection, you know, and that is one theme, right? So in collection usually there is a theme about what it is what’s happening and so forth. Now there’s also a rare more rare one is one off one basically it’s just a one off. So for example that night when I got the shot of the Milky Way the Aurora as well. As the comment NEOWISE, that’s not going to appear in six less than 800 years, that’s probably going to be put out as one of one, right. And of course, as it goes up, it becomes a lot less, a lot more a lot less supply, and therefore it become a more valuable. So why collectors buy? What is the value right? Now I guess you have to think about it like a business you know, each art have to overvalue whether it’s an entertainment value, whether it’s a, it’s a while value, whether it’s a uniqueness value, right, or whether it’s a representation of the art. But so one of the things that that can make a big difference is the artist, their journey, their mission, their popularity, whatever it may be. Basically, if if there is a strong purpose, there is strong journey, and you know that the art is gonna become gonna keep going, and keep putting the investment on itself and keep creating, keep growing, keep creating groundbreaking stuff, then you know, that that artists will make it one way or another. And for that reason that artists will become more valuable. Because essentially, I mean, if you think about it, you know, like, Leonardo da Vinci a lot, all of his art become valuable, because you know, now he has in quotation marks make it right. But next thing is the art itself, right? The art itself might have a sentimental value or connection to the collector. Maybe it’s where James was proposed to Jane. I don’t know why I picked James and Jane, but it’s the first thing that come into my head. You know, and it might be a shot in, in New York of that particular place. And when they saw that, they were like, Oh, yes, you know, does it remind me of this and that, and, you know, it’s just, it’s triggered their emotion, their sentimental connection to it, and therefore they buy it. Regardless, they’re artists, because the community goes, whatever it is, but they just love the art. Now, the next thing is the community right?

Now you have to think about it, like, when people purchase your art, they become not only a collector, but part of your journey, right? So they are they because there is a community around you. And that can be powerful. Like, for example, people who probably gravitate towards me is going to be people who felt like they have been in this stuck in life with no passion, or people who love adventure, or people who love snowboarding, right? Basically the things that are that I love that I have a mission for. And that’s probably the things that people will resonate with. And the other thing is utility. So for example, coming forward, a lot of all of all of my photo trip gonna come with an NFT. And the NFT is going to be unique, and it’s going to be more and more valuable, because, you know, as time goes by, it becomes I’m still not sure the whole details of it. But one thing that you can do is, you know, make it more desirable by adding value behind it now, what is that value? And you can go as crazy as possible, right? But that is the beauty of it. Like it’s just so powerful, you know, all of a sudden, when they go for a photo trip, not only they get the photo trip, but they also get this investment for free or this bonus for free, that become an investment for themselves. Alright, so one way that I really like just to simplify things, is that you know, like, it’s just a way of thinking about it right. So, in the old days, we used to call it company and in the in the NFT world we call it project right creator is a founder Dao or decentralised autonomous organisation is basically like the management collector become the shareholder. So when they collect one of your photo, they become a shareholder of you because if your value goes down, most likely to everything else will go down, right. J pack is like the stock certificates. roadmap is basically you know, the company plan forward their business plan, utility is their product right? So utility could be my photo trip now, you know, in a company that my cell in the tour company and again, it’s the same thing they sell a trip right community Add a you know, become part of the marketing and royalties is revenue. So when you have that royalties when you sell part of your part of your if when somebody else sell your your your art, then you get the royalties and that is pretty much a revenue and token is the dividend, right? All right. So how do you market this thing? Alright, so I’ve already mentioned how important it is. And this is why NF T strife in Twitter, no in Facebook, no Instagram, because in Twitter, you can you can be in spaces where you could chat with fellow mates and you could basically, you know, build connection with each other. You know, that goes to the second thing. And if people really resonate with your story resonate with who you are, then it will trigger their emotion and they’ll make them comfortable or make them more connected to your art. So Twitter is absolutely the biggest thing here. Right. And the next thing is the word of mouth, of course, right? Somebody telling somebody, it’s been one of the best marketing and it’s, it still is the best marketing. But if, you know there’s a lot in there, and I know it’s gonna take some times for you to go through, but I think I’m gonna leave it with this, you know, if there’s anything that I want you to, to get out of this podcast is first to believe in yourself to believe that you are worth it. Because a lot of times Me included when I put my work out there I look at it, I was like, Well, you know, I’m a nobody and you know, I, I just jumped into this space only get 1000 Well, at that moment, I was like couple 200 followers, you know, why would people want to buy like this art for me, right. And the second thing is believing your art because sometimes the value of the art is good enough to stand on its own without our utilities without, you know all these things.

But for example, for my case, the first five people that purchase my collection will get an airdrop now an airdrop is basically a bonus where I dropped them one of my other art and it is fully customised. So for example, if you do purchase one, then you can tell me what sort of photo that you’re interested in, and I will send you like an album that you get to pick from, and from there. You could pick your customise NFT, that goes along with the one that you purchase. So well, why why did I do that because it is part of my mission. Right? Going back to what I was saying, I believe that the art itself stands enough to stand on its own. But at the same time, I want to be able to fulfil on my mission to share my my art. And, you know, I think I’m okay with rewarding the very the first few collectors out there that are believing in my journey, because that’s gonna help me to reach more people out there. But you know what to make it is simple, but it’s not easy. Today, I give you a lot of insights on what you need to do. And if you just do that, and you follow through with it, you’re probably going to make it but it’s not easy in a sense that every one solution is going to be slightly different. What’s worked for me might not work for you what’s worked for you might not work for me. And you might need to find this two millimetre shift, right, because that’s all it takes. And it’s incredible, because if you, for example, go to plastic surgeon, they’re going to tell you this, that it only takes two millimetre shift to change the looks off your face, right to change the looks of whatever it is that you want to want to change. So and it is exactly the same thing. Just need that two millimetres shift the smallest thing that that will work for you. But you do need to figure that out yourself. So it’s not gonna be easy. But at the end of the day, you know, when your time’s up when you’re on your deathbed thinking about what have I achieved in my life? What have I done in my life? You know what it’s gonna be worth it’s gonna be hard but it’s going to be worth it. So I encourage you to go into the into Twitter, right jump into spaces follow some some of the key people in art or NFT or photography NFT? And, um, you know, and if you don’t know, let me know, shoot me a DM I can, you know, show you who are the people to follow and listen to them when they’re talking in Twitter spaces, Twitter spaces, basically a place where people can talk with each other. You no true voice app. Yeah, you cannot see each other. But at this, at the end of the day, it’s much better than, than Instagram, right? Cool shots dude. Like, this is though good tones, man, you know, all this thing doesn’t really make us feel appreciated as an artist. So I really highly encourage you to check it out. Because this technology is groundbreaking, and it will change the future. And what have you got to lose, right? At the end of the day, if you spend 236 months, 12 months, and you realise you don’t want to do it, you can always go back to what you always do, and you got nothing to lose. But mark my word, this is going to be a game changing technology in the industry, people have come out with so many different ways to create or to, to create it’s such a unique art of a true NFT. And it’s just so exciting. And it’s so exciting how the community is a lot more connected, that people, you know, the power is shifted back a lot more to the artists.

And yes, it is not perfect. There are a lot of things that you need to look for, especially, you know, with the scams, I know that imposter syndrome is a big one here, people get depressed because, you know, they, when they see people selling out and they’re not they can’t sell anything, it becomes very difficult for the mentally. But, you know, at the end of the day, I think there is a much bigger benefit. And then the disadvantages, so I highly recommend you to jump into Twitter, connect with me and shoot me a DM if you have any question I’m happy to answer. But hopefully this has been insightful for you on what I’ve been into and what I’ve been working to, and what how this NFT world can really change your world as an artist. Yeah, so if you have any question, feel free to shoot me a DM or an email, whatever it may be. But hopefully you enjoy that little chat, if you haven’t already. So hit the subscribe button. Make sure you leave a review so that you can you know share your point of view with other people and help other people to find this if it’s if you find it useful, or just share the link to your friends, your family who’s been looking for a different perspective of what is this NFT world is but we can hunters. Thank you very much for being here. Thank you very much for listening in and I will see you next week. Until next time


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