December 4, 2020

Ep 9 – My Take From the Conversation with Seng

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The Art of Photography
The Art of Photography
Ep 9 - My Take From the Conversation with Seng

What is photography to you?

I can relate very well to this question that Seng Mah encourage for you to ask yourself. Seng Mah is an accredited Australia Institute of Professional Photography.  He has been a photographer and an educator since 2009. 

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Stanley Aryanto – The Wicked Hunt  0:01  
Hey Wicked Hunters, welcome back to The Art of Photography podcast, where we share our passion and how it helps us to find hope, purpose and happiness in our life. So, hopefully you guys have a good week, how, how have you guys been? You know, what do you think of that last podcast? Please let me know in the comment below so that I could, I could hear some feedback, you know, maybe let me know if there are some part of photography that you want to ask this guest and you know, understand a little bit more from their perspective, because that will be amazing. I would love to hear your not only your opinion, but also different perspective and different questions that I can put out there. To this such an inspiring and full of wisdom guests. So

Unknown Speaker  1:07  
this week, we had sang MA and sang was very my very first mentor in photography, I should say, when I left them, or before I left my job, I took a follow his his photo, walkabout or photo, like a local photo, like shoot kind of thing. And also learn how to use speed light or flash from him. And he’s he’s an amazing photographer who control lights very well. And yeah, that that course was just blow me out of the water. And, as you all know, which you should, because I’ve been saying this every single week is that light is the most important thing in photography. Okay, so going back to our conversation. I think one of the thing that you asked was that, you know, fill this blank fill this line, I think photography, because and I think that is very important to me when he was one of the most important part of that interview. I mean, there’s, there’s so much wisdom in there. And there’s so much, so much so many interesting perspective that he brought out about, you know, whether or not art is photography? And, you know, what, sort of what sort of photographer? Are you? Are you a landscape photographer? Or are you a wildlife photographer? Or are you a portrait photographer? And then you also talk about, you know, how, how does the storytelling kind of fit in with photography, and so forth. But one of the very important thing that he mentioned there was, at the end of the day, a lot of that have been defined by someone else. But it is very important for you to create a definition for yourself, create a label for yourself. Why do you take photography? What was the first thing that got you interested in photography that, you know, the very first time? And was it the landscape? Was a document in your travels? Was it the wildlife? Was it the wildflowers or, you know, whatever it may be? And he said, In this podcast, it is very important that you define that for yourself so that you could actually enjoy photography. And let’s face it, we’re doing this because we love photography, right? We, you know, most of the photographers out there, especially the professional one, they they make a living around photography, because they love photography, because they’re passionate about it. And those people like those of you who take photo, you don’t take photo for the sake of taking photo, you take photo because you have photography, right? No one ever forced you to take photo. Well, at least I’ve never heard anyone that’s, you know, being forced to take photo, apart from maybe those Instagram, boyfriends and girlfriends congratulations. But, you know, we talk about a lot of things. We cover a lot of things in this one and we talk about how in social media, it kind of takes away a lot of that expression for yourself a lot of fulfilment, a lot of that creativity, you know, and is that a bad thing or is a good thing? Well, actually saying talk about both, you know, you talk about both the positive and the negative and one thing that I think really important from all this is going back to your purpose and going back to why you shoot in the first place. And when, when the very last of the interview when I, when I asked him is like, Hey, I’m saying, so what advice would you give a photographer, especially new one out there who just started. And one of the things that he talks about was like filling this blank, you know, I take a photo because or I do I practice photography, because and by doing that, you know why you started photography in the first place, why? Why you want to express yourself to a form of photography. And from there, he talked about how you could create something that is truly unique, or you could create something that is popular, and that is up to you, you know, at the end of the day, it’s for you, it’s for your sake, it’s for your happiness,

Unknown Speaker  5:54  
whether how to create a story around how to carry a powerful photograph. But at the end of the day, if you don’t have that definition in mind, and you’ve you don’t have that definition at the back of your head, you don’t have the purpose and the drive to make that happen. And therefore, you might not have as a good wrestle or resolve to make that happen and make that story kind of, you know, cemented into people. And it’s very true, you know, we are in social media for a main purpose that we want to excavate our photography, we want to be able to reach more people. And for those of you in business, we want to hopefully turn those people or fans into, you know, a customer, but at the end of the day, don’t lose yourself in there, right. I think one of the reason why I do I do photography is because I want to share more of my photos, a unique perspective of my photos, to more of you out there, you know, a different, a different scene, I mean, how many of you are able to climb a mountain in the middle of the winter, on a split board on a negative 25 degrees Celsius, staying pretty much the whole night until the next day, and the next morning watching Aurora, and you know, those kinds of things, I really want to share that with you. And one of the things that I want you guys to explore more. But, you know, I still do, I still do Instagram and I still want to get the likes, I still want to get the comments, but it’s, it’s not as important for me compared to reaching the right people and reaching those of you that actually reaching the people that actually have a meaning to towards my photography or have a connection towards my photography. So yeah, just really, really good advice that st gave you. And if you just start photography, try to find that voice very early on. There is no problem of copying other people work and other people perspective when you just started. But you know, quickly, quickly get out of it and use your basics and create one that you can call your own that you can be proud of that you get fulfilment from. Or I will have those Thank you very much for tuning in. Don’t forget to subscribe. And also, don’t forget to follow the podcast if you’re listening on the audio version. But most importantly, feedback is very important. So let me know what you think I’m sharing the comment below. What was the what do you think of the this blurb that I just talked in the past 15 minutes or one? And also, what was the interview like and what are some of the questions that you want to hear more from this awesome photographers out there. Okay, until next time, we get on to this and hopefully you guys have a great weekend. Catch you later.


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