How did I get into Photography?

September 29, 2018
Written by: Stanley Aryanto

How did I get into Photography?

I started when I was 15, shadowing my uncle and my Dad. I always love the light trails from night photography. So, I got an IXUS 860is for my first camera. I choose this camera because it allowed me to take long exposure shots. I was testing the waters, the more I took photos the more I got attached to it. However, I wasn’t convinced to upgrade to DSLR just yet, so I decided to get a G12. I took it around Europe and the more I use it the more I realise how limited it was for trying to achieve the vision in my mind. The hardware became a limiting factor for my creativity.

For this reason, I borrowed my Dad’s 5D mk iii and I fell in love with it since my first shot. I remembered the first shot I took was of the Bell Tower in Western Australia. From there I was convinced that it’s something that I want to pursue. When 5D mk iv came out I decided to grab one. After shooting for about 1 year I was sure that I wanted to pursue this full time, I quit my job as a Mechanical Engineer in April 2018. I started my Wicked Hunt as a travel photographer. I went on road trips through Java island to Bali and Lombok, and when I was back in Australia I did a 4 months trip around Australia, including Tasmania.

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