Origin of The Wicked Hunt

September 29, 2018
Written by: Stanley Aryanto

The Wicked Hunt is a mission to go through unconventional ways to experience and capture unique moments. As a photographer, it is my duty to show a different perspective of the world, hopefully in a better way. The Wicked Hunt isn’t about hunting for the perfect photo, instead, it’s about enduring the journey to find and experience that perfect moment. Whether it is a long hike to a unique spot, an early wake up to find a unique lighting during sunrise, a quality time with friends and family or merely a deeper observation of a common area. The photo was never the goal, it’s simply the trophy; something to capture that perfect moment and something to remember it by. We all dream about a moment in a place on a certain time, but often we’re discouraged by fear of failure and going out of our comfort zone. As a Wicked Hunter, I believe that we should overcome these fear. Life is fragile and precious. We don’t know when our time will come to an end, we only have one shot to make this our life, the life that is driven by love and passion, not fear. We need to take more risk, go out of our comfort zone and make small actions towards your “dreams” however big or small they might be. Don’t wait for the perfect moments, because they’ll never come. Instead, make those moments perfect in its way.

Stanley Ar