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Ep 37 – How Ali Ejmal mindset to get out of his comfort zone helped him to captured one stunning astrophotography on his first try

Ali Ejmal is a Photographer & Videographer who loves telling stories through his camera lens. Originally from Libya and now based in Auckland, New Zealand.
Creativity, travel and learning are the core foundation of who he is. He enjoys capturing spec…

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Ep 31 – Tiba’s Journey to Capture One Of The Rarest Moment of A Mountain Gorilla Pounding His Chest

Hey Wicked Hunters, 
Welcome back to The Art of Photography Podcast season 2, where we share how photography has given us hope, purpose and happiness!Today we have Tiba from Brazil. He is a Capoeira expert and a photographer and over the years he has…

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Ep 30 – The Journey Behind Jules Ingall Pursuit To Live The Life She Always Dreams of As A Kid To Become a Professional Photographer

Hey Wicked Hunters! I can’t believe it’s been 30 episodes so far!  In this episode, I’m excited to have Jules Ingall with us sharing her photography journey. Jules is a Community Manager Canon Collective Facebook Page and has been living her passion …

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